Tania Garrett Mulry

Tania Mulry is a social entrepreneur and award-winning mobile marketer, and USC Adjunct Professor.

She is the founder and CEO of DDx Media, Inc., a marketing consultancy and software development firm, as well as the creator of edRover.com. edRover was recognized by AT&T as the best application of 2011 in the Social Good category. Impressed by the edRover concept and Mrs. Mulry’s contest pitch, AT&T asked her to join the AT&T Developers Advisory Council. EdRover also won the Grand Prize in the Microsoft Fastpitch Competition.

She is known for developing cutting edge digital and experiential marketing campaigns for an impressive roster of companies and professional sports teams like AT&T, JCPenney, GameStop, Brinkers (Chili’s), Nintendo, Nokia, RIM, LG, State Farm, Kimberly-Clark (Huggies), Frito-Lay (Doritos), Monster.com, The United States Air Force, the San Diego Chargers, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees, the San Francisco Giants, and the San Antonio Spurs.

Her contributions as an internal entrepreneur as a founding member of MasterCard Worldwide’s Information Products and Services team still yield the company over $50 million in revenue annually even many years later! She is recognized as an international and US patent holder, for her work to identify behavioral patterns in purchasing data and predicting more profitable cross-marketing opportunities. She also led MasterCard’s mobile marketing, loyalty and commerce initiatives, including business development with major banks, mobile network operators, handset manufacturers and mobile wallet suppliers. Mrs. Mulry was a key member of the Corporate Strategy team leading up to the historic IPO of MasterCard Worldwide.

Mrs. Mulry lives in Northern Los Angeles County with a bunch of boys: her devoted and supportive husband Will, three sons and her dog, Danny. While she is enormously grateful for all of her blessings, please send sneakers, shorts, waffles and Legos because she can never stock enough of them. She’s been called a rose among the thorns and enjoys having girl time with her fabulous and ambitious friends.

Mrs. Mulry is available for speaking engagements at marketing, wireless industry, education and cause-oriented conferences, community group meetings and schools.

Other Little Known Personal Facts

  • Tania Mulry is the oldest of five siblings and her husband is the youngest of seven siblings. While her favorite holiday is Christmas, she usually needs to start shopping in July and wrapping in October.
  • She kicked two field goals at Giants Stadium.
  • In 1997, she appeared in an episode of 20/20 wearing a hidden camera to help sting a bad moving company.
  • She walked home from the dentist’s office after getting her wisdom teeth pulled.
  • She was a founding member of her High School’s first girls soccer team.
  • She loves to sing participated in regional chorus events in high school.
  • Her favorite TV show was What Not to Wear and despite being fairly stylish, secretly wished that she’d be nominated. She cried when the show ended.
  • On her honeymoon, she was shocked when a maître‘d called her Mrs. Mulry, wondering if her mother-in-law had followed them to Bermuda. The moniker stuck with her and mrsmulry remains her handle on social media.
  • While pregnant, she was a road warrior, she has taken each of her babies on board to Europe, and one on a circumnavigation of the globe with stops in Europe and Asia during her 6th month. She also inspired great sympathy from the woman at the Hertz counter in Lambert Airport as she visited St. Louis nearly weekly during her first pregnancy.
  • She loves volunteering in her sons’ classrooms, Sunday School and Cub Scouts. Her favorite was Mrs. McKinley’s magical Kindergarten classroom. She wishes she never had to leave.
  • She is inspired by the many teachers in her life, including her parents, her family members in the teaching profession (her mother-in-law, three sisters-in-law, niece and nephew) to her children’s amazing teachers and administrators, and her personal mentors and teachers.
  • She always falls for April Fools gags, sappy movies, GoldBox specials from Amazon and corny jokes.
  • She loves the thrill of sharing her life lessons with others, from speaking audiences to one on one coaching and mentoring.