Great Tips on How to Make a Non-Profit Video from Global Giving

  1. Set the Scene to add context to the story
  2. Be real – capture real conversations
  3. Show the environment you are in
  4. Immerse yourself in the culture/situation
  5. Start a discussion by provoking
  6. Be respectful, particularly of children
  7. Positive stories and hope are better than selling misery
  8. Smiles are infectious
  9. Showing direct beneficiaries, local community leaders and government officials for credibility
  10. Warm up your interviewee by hanging out and sharing your stories
  11. Two cameras allow intimate view and environment view
  12. Follow the action, keep moving
  13. Unique perspectives, transitions and shot angles
  14. Beautiful images will make things more interesting
  15. Utilize what you have in the field
  16. Get aerial views by climbing on a building
  17. Show the entire process for understanding and connection
  18. Strong opening – 1st 15 seconds are key
  19. Keep it simple
  20. Set expectation to create drama
  21. Use symbolism to teach
  22. Simple changes in background or movement
  23. Be careful of excessive effects
  24. Move images rhythmically with music
  25. Local sounds – music, nature, language
  26. Audio can speak for itself
  27. Adding title cards can make your videos unique
  28. Make sure you have a translator/guide if you need one
  29. Humor can help move things along, but don’t overdo it
  30. Don’t rely only on voiceovers, use interviews for authenticity
  31. Use videos collected from many contributors as part of the video

Do you have any other tips? Leave a comment!

How to make a video for non-profits (created for GlobalGiving) from What Took You So Long? on Vimeo.