cause As an author, and a consultant that helps authors get their books and information products published, I’m excited to announce that my book, “The Cause: The Power of Digital Storytelling for Social Good” is now available in eBook format on

The Cause provides non-profit leaders and social entrepreneurs a step by step process for crafting your most powerful message, attracting supporters to spread the word and leveraging the web, mobile, video and social media to amplify your impact. It is full of practical advice on exactly what to write, how to express yourself, what nuggets to share, who to target for donations and volunteers, and where to share your message.

For those who love publishing too, Revizzit is a great platform for publishing digital content of all kinds – text, audio, video, software downloads and more. Their pricing is very author friendly compared to other publishing platforms, and it is super easy to use. Customers access the content in a secure app for PC, MAC or iPad, with piracy protection so if you find your stolen PDFs, audios or videos on the web, Revizzit can track down and turn off the culprit.

Pick up your copy of The Cause on now!